Berlin Bicycle Cafe


I am always on the lookout for new hideaways to crack open a new book and enjoy a cup of coffee. Berlin Bicycle Cafe drew my attention early this year when I joined St. John Ambulance. The cafe being just around the corner from the station it naturally became my weekly ritual to spend an hour reading and enjoying a cup of coffee before our meetings. It’s hard to tell what made me fall in love with the place but I’m fairly certain it was the turkey sandwich. (seriously!)

The owner, Graham, responded very quickly to my inquiries about how his business began.  Cycling all his life, and after spending two years in the Netherlands he witnessed first hand how bike friendly communities are beneficial. Advocating personally for improving cycling infrastructure right here in Waterloo, Graham’s focus was on bicycles for urban transportation and safe lanes for bicycles.

His idea for a cycling shop combined with a coffee shop came out of his desire for a store to focus on lifestyle cycling, opposed to the sport of cycling. Several urban style commuting bicycles are dotted around the cafe, all for sale. The atmosphere is bright and colourful, the tables are set with fresh flowers every day and the staff are extremely friendly.

At first Berlin Bicycle Cafe was an intriguing spot to spend an hour before my meetings, now I look forward to to the time I spend reading there. Also, there’s the turkey sandwich. (seriously!) If you’re looking for a new local coffee shop or have ever walked by the inviting open door and glanced in wondering what this place is all about, take a step inside and try the turkey sandwich. (seriously people, I love it!)

I’d like to thank Graham Roe for answering all my questions about his business. Graham’s favourite books are A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry and the poem Spell of the Yukon by Robert Service. 

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Instagram –> berlinbicyclecafe

Graham’s Blog –> WaterlooBikes

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* Photo provided by Graham Poe


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