Book Review – Not Working

This title of this book should’ve been “annoying girl gives bad name to millennial’s”.


As you open Not Working by Lisa Owens you are introduced to Claire, a 20 something who has just left her job to “find herself”. Read below for the synopsis.

In the tradition of Jennifer Close’s Girls in White Dresses comes a “a pin-sharp, utterly addictive debut” (Vogue U.K.) told in vignettes that speak to a new generation not trying to have it all but hoping to make sense of it all.
Claire Flannery has just quit her office job, hoping to take some time to discover her real passion. The problem is, she’s not exactly sure how to go about finding it. Without the distractions of a regular routine, Claire confronts the best and worst parts of herself: the generous, attentive part that visits her grandmother for tea and cooks special meals for her boyfriend, Luke, and the part that she feels will never measure up and makes regrettable comments after too many glasses of wine. What emerges is a candid, moving portrait of a clear-eyed heroine trying to forge her own way, a wholly relatable character whose imperfections and uncanny observations highlight what makes us all different and yet inescapably linked.

Whenever I read a book each character has a new voice, similar to when you meet a new friend. When I met Claire I was less than impressed. She is the most irritating protagonist I have ever met. I would describe her as a self-absorbed lazy slob with the tendencies of a pathological liar. She is mean to her long term boyfriend who she barely tolerates and who doesn’t seem to have a personality through her eyes. She is horrible to her parents and visits her grandmother only when she needs something. Her mother is no longer speaking to her because Claire decides to announce to her family at her grandfathers funeral that he pulled down his pants in front of her when she was 11. She does this as if she’s telling a joke. Not only is that not funny in any way but it is offensive. This happens in the first few pages of the book and then isn’t even mentioned until the end. Nor is it resolved as she claims it was a misunderstanding and a joke. What is wrong with this author?! Claire is the embodiment of everything that makes my generation look bad.

The book is written in a snapshot style. Think of yourself as a camera and everything you see and all the little musings you have are suddenly written on a blank sheet of paper. I felt as though this entire novel was basically a random assortment of thoughts the author had in her life and wrote them down. Which leads me to believe that the author IS Claire. This makes me want to vomit.

You might be thinking, but she finds herself at the end right? Negative. When will I learn? There’s a reason the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover” is used all around the world. If I could rate this book on Goodreads with a 0 I would’ve.

Page count – 256 God-awful pages
Rating-1/5 Oakley stars 28c0f842f1ae0046e59cc2b8afdf06e7


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