The Song Rising Prologue 


Have you read both The Bone Season and The Mime Order!? If you have and are anxiously waiting for The Song Rising I have an *exclusive* sneak peak for you! I’m sharing with you guys the PROLOGUE of The Song Rising and it is mind blowing! If you’d like to read just scroll on down a bit further for the full scoop!

Photo by the lovely Charlie over at @inkwellsandbooksmells on Instagram and you can visit her blog Here !

Make sure you preorder the book (old cover version or new) at Amazon or Chapters Indigo (Canadian friends) or even at Bloomsbury! Trust me you’ll want to pre order as the Collectors Edition (old cover scheme) comes signed and is the same price as the new edition! The new edition is just as lovely so maybe get …both!? 😉 For the collectors version Canadians you can get yours at the Canadian Amazon!

With no further ado here it is! You can download it in a pdf or a Microsoft Word file! I found the pdf easier to use!
THE SONG RISING prelude (pdf format)

THE SONG RISING prelude (word format)

Also check out this full HI-DEF image of how the book will look like! Oh gosh, the excitement is too much for me to handle right now my bookish friends!

Song Rising_3D











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