Bookish Merch – Book Beaus

BOOK BEAUS, have you heard of them?! Seriously friends it’s what every bookworm needs. A pouch to put your books in so that when you travel or go for errands (because if you’re anything like me I know you have a book in your purse for when you find yourself waiting).

Benita over at her Etsy shop creates beautiful pouches to store your book. I have been wanting one of these ever since I started bookstagram and I now have one! Thank you so much Benita for sending one my way. I absolutely love it! 5 STARS. Can we do 10 stars? Is that a thing because you deserve ALL the stars!


Just look at how beautiful it is! I went around and tried all my paperbacks and some hardcovers too and they all fit (see stack on left). Here’s a bit about the beau themselves. The stitching is perfect, the fabric is soft and cushioned, the size of the beau is much larger than I expected and it is perfectly measured to fit your trade and mass market paperbacks and some small hardcovers. She also makes them for e-readers!

When Alex saw the book pouch his exact words were “I want one! A Star Wars one! Or a Pokemon one!” There is a lot of potential for “manly” book beaus, don’t worry Benita is on it.

If you’re on Instagram visit Crystal (@bookiemoji) and/or Summer (@buttermybooks) for a 10% discount off the beau’s!

Please go and follow the lovely Benita on Instagram and on Twitter and make sure to favourite her Etsy Shop so you can snag one when she posts them!

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