Book Review -The Red Sun


Whenever somebody wants to suggest a book to you they will say something along the lines of “oh, if you liked this [miscellaneous book] then you’re going to love [other miscellaneous book]”. I never liked doing this, no two books are the same to me. So when this book was handed to me and compared to Percy Jackson, I was skeptical. From Goodreads…

Sam Baron is about to get the shock of his life. First his substitute English teacher claims to have turned his old teacher into a lizard; then a strange dwarf named Rego arrives and claims Sam is from a magical realm called Orkney. When his friends are taken prisoner, it’s up to Sam to save them. 
Sam embarks on a journey to Orkney through a stonefire to find his friends―but when he arrives, he discovers that an ancient curse has turned the sun a poisonous red and threatens to destroy the land. With only a young witch girl to guide him, Sam must choose: save his friends, or stop the red sun from consuming the land?

After reading it I was pleasantly surprised. The Percy Jackson novels never really hit the right note with me, as I have read a lot of books about Greek Mythology and found them to be often overdone. Norse Mythology on the other hand, isn’t. Most people just know about Thor and that’s only thanks to Chris Hemmsworth [wink wink]. So when Alane sent us her books I was ready for a new adventure.

YA and middle grade books are often hard to review, as the reading level is much lower than what I am typically used to. But I found this book entertaining the whole way through, the characters were individual and interesting, the world was descriptive and well thought out. And the cover art is beautiful and engaging!

I am eager to read the next book in the series which I believe came out just last week!

Page Count – 346 pages

Rating – 28c0f842f1ae0046e59cc2b8afdf06e728c0f842f1ae0046e59cc2b8afdf06e728c0f842f1ae0046e59cc2b8afdf06e728c0f842f1ae0046e59cc2b8afdf06e7 4 Oakley stars



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