Novella Review – Runespeaker

Runespeaker by Mila N. Sankale was so great! I was kept in suspense the whole time and I loved it! I’m a lover of dark and mysterious story lines (this is why I always have a soft spot for villains and secretly want them to win) and this one was just perfect for an October read!

“A girl in a tower. A city under siege. A monster underneath it all.”
That synopsis hooked me! As soon as I turned the book over I dived right into it and finished it in one sitting. It was action packed, character driven and full of mysterious plot twists.

The only downside for me was the complicated names. They were hard for me to pronounce and I have a very short memory so every time a name came up I’d have to flip back to the beginning to look it up. That’s just me and my brain though.

I definitely recommend you check out this short story! You can find it on Amazon  in ebook format or grab yourself a hard copy. The cover is so pretty but I’m partial to ebooks for ease of reading! Ah, what am I saying I always want both the ebook and the actual copy. Makes for a very thin wallet my friends.

Thanks for reading and supporting an indie author!
Rating – 4 stars

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