Book Review – A Torch Against The Night

A Torch Against The Night by Sabba Tahir is one of my favourite books this year. This series has catapulted me straight into the air and into a world where not everything is as it seems. If you’ve read An Ember In The Ashes please proceed by reading further. If you have not you can find my review on the first book here so nothing is spoiled.

We pick up with Elias and Laia on the run! The moment you pick up ATATN you are immediately back in the action. This whole book was packed full of mystery, secrets and excellent character growth.



The mystery – I absolutely love how Tahir keeps her readers on their toes. I was constantly finding myself intrigued with every chapter. There’s so much more to learn about this world and I cannot wait until book 3!

Secrets – some secrets are revealed, others are kept hidden with only a bit seeping out while more secrets are introduced. It was a perfect blend really. The reveal near the end made my jaw drop. I was shocked I didn’t see it coming. Mostly because I was so enthralled by this book that I didn’t even have time to think and try to guess the plot twist.

Character growth – my favourite parts in books are the character developments.

Elias, wow he had some major challenges and major character growth. I will not say anything more but I was definitely impressed with everything Elias went through.

Laia, oh Laia, she’s so full of hope and she truly is an ember. I did enjoy her path as well but there’s still something about Laia that needs to develop. She’s come a long way from the beginning of book 1 though! I definitely like her a lot more.

Helene was one of the characters that kind of irritated me this book. She was my favourite in book 1 but in ATATN she was under utilized I found. Her storyline was so messy. I’m sure Tahir did that on purpose but I was a bit conflicted with Helene.

The Commandant – I want more!! I need more backstory on her. There was very little here I found and I would love to read more about her. If there was a novella I would be all over that!
Rating – 5 stars

Page count – 452 pages

*Spoilers ahead, proceed with caution*

Now for my predictions/thoughts on the ending and book 3. Turn around now if you haven’t read ATATN. Here are my questions, let me know what you think!

Does anyone else think Cook may be Laia’s relative?

She’s mentioned her sister and her mother. Cook is strangely protective of Laia. Another thought I had was perhaps Cook is another immortal creature who is trying to stop The Nightbringer.
Do you think Elias is going to be free of his new “occupation”?

I really don’t know how I feel about that development. I do love how each of the 3 (Elias, Laia, and Helene) have this other worldly power to them. I am seriously hoping for a huge showdown in book 3.
The commandant insane, fuelled by her own greed and lust for power. Do you think she’s going to wreak havoc in book 3 or will The Nightbringer put her in her place?
One last thought… Helene was given a necklace by her father. Do you think it’s another piece of the puzzle for The Nightbringer to bring his Jinn back?
As always, thanks for reading.

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