Bookish Merch – HighlandBluffStudio

Have you guys heard of bookish candles? There are so many wonderful candle shops out there and I wanted to introduce you to HighlandBluffStudio ! Their candles are so beautiful. They have that crisp stylish look about them. I’m especially partial to their Harry Potter themed ones. It’s Black Friday so there’s a special deal on this weekend (info at the bottom) so I wanted to show you them for Christmas ideas for your Harry Potter obsessed family/friends or candle and book lovers.

Here are some top 5 facts from Samantha, the creator of the shop!

  1. I don’t use dyes. I know this a little out of the norm for bookish candles, but I wanted to keep my candles as clean and natural as possible. The result is a very clean, minimal style, that’s still real nerdy.
  2. Making candles is my therapy. I put on my favorite playlist and get busy.
  1. The company is ran by a brother and sister duo. Sometimes he drives me crazy as a brother, but we work really well together with the company.
  2. We are only getting started with our collections, and want to hear ideas from other book nerds. Excited to grow our product choices.
  1. The coolest part of the whole process is putting on the shipping label because seeing where all the items I made are going makes me happy.

The aesthetic of these candles is perfect for everyone! The burn time is 70-75h. Because Sam uses all natural products the jars are reusable for anything you want later on!


Here are some examples!


All candles are 10% off until Mon Nov 28. You can use ACOUPLEREADS10 to get an additional 10% off as well! These would be awesome Christmas gifts. The smells range from butter beer (harry potter) to oak moss and leather. If you’d like favourite Sam’s shop to help a small business grow.


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