November 9 & Why You Should Try Reading Other Genres

As someone who started out reading only fantasy books as a teen I was hesitant to try other genres in between. When I experienced my first reading rut I decided to pick up an adult fiction novel to see if I would like a different genre. This book was Shadow of The Wind and it opened my eyes to a whole new world. With Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s writing I realized why I was in a rut, I just needed something different! Every genre I’ve tried has pulled me in and broadened my perspective on different authors. However, romance was always a genre I just couldn’t seem to dive into, until today. I recently finished All The Ugly & Wonderful Things, which landed in my top 10, but it was such a heavy book I needed something different than my usual fantasy reads. So! I randomly picked up November 9 by Colleen Hoover because of everyone recommending ALL her books on Instagram.

I said I picked it up right, well, I just finished it. I didn’t move from my bed. It was the perfect Sunday morning, I sat there for 4h and devoured it. I leaped out of my comfort zone into a new genre and ended up loving it! I will definitely try another one of her books when I feel the need to binge read. Just so you know binge reading is totally different than binge watching a tv show. When binge reading you usually forget to eat. Then you experience all these emotions and you go through a roller coaster of feelings and you end up finishing the book with low blood pressure. I would definitely recommend it! Except have a snack handy, an apple or something you know!

I’m looking at my shelves right now and wondering what to read next! I’ve decided to step into another world again, this time the world of crime. I’m reading The Couple Next Door which is shelved in fiction I believe but it has the feel of crime to it. If you can recommend crime books let me know!

I’ve learned so many different things from different genres and can’t wait to experience more! I haven’t read much horror or science fiction so those are on the list as well! What genres have pleasantly surprised you?

One thought on “November 9 & Why You Should Try Reading Other Genres

  1. I could recommend a million crime books! It’s my favorite genre outside of YA Fantasy. My favorite is anything by Louise Penny. She has the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series which can be read in order or on their own. They’re so good, yet cozy so perfect for winter 😊


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