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Hello! My name is Milana and I have an obsession with books! I’ve worked at Chapters Indigo for over 5 years and have learned so much about so many different types of genres. I read mainly fiction and fantasy, however I will dabble in other genres too!

One of my favourite things to do at Chapters was to RECOMMEND all the books! I loved listening to what customers enjoyed reading, what they felt like reading, and what they absolutely did not like in a book. I guess that is why I wanted to start this blog. To not only post reviews about the books I’m reading but to also offer my time to help you find a great read!

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Hi, I’m Alex, and my book collection is out of control! I’m always reading. Whether it’s a good science fiction book on my kindle, or a young adult book during my lunch break, or even the back of the cereal box at breakfast!

Science fiction is my personal favourite, ever since my dad passed down his yellowed copy of ‘Have Spacesuit, Will Travel” by Robert A. Heinlein. My favourite authors include Lois McMaster Bujold, Christopher Moore and Brian McClellan.

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Please e-mail us at acouplereads@gmail.com for recommendations.

Make sure to include your favourite book, the type of mood you’re in to gauge what kind of book you feel like reading, your dislikes, and anything you think is important in your book search! I promise we will pin point exactly what you’re looking for to find you the perfect read.

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We also have two lovely cats Oakley & Atticus who love books as well! See more of their adventures on instagram, visit #atticusandoakley.